Within nonverbal communication there are two big factors that we constantly use: Our body language and the way we dress.

These are inseparable and strengthen each other to the fullest potential.

Clothing is the most personal form of design and by its values and natural position also the most intimate.

This is one of the few industries in the world that actually touches your skin and occupies your personal space.

Only when cloths are being worn on the body they communicate to their fullest extent.

Why would we design on static postures, if we design for human beings for whom it is essential to communicate by movement?

I am convinced that it is fundamental to start from a human centered point of view by integrating the knowledge on nonverbal behaviour in the design process.

Imagine the possibilities if your clothing could adapt to the situations you encounter during the day. New technologies and development of materials can make this happen.

In my opinion, the collaboration of different fields in interdisciplinary projects are the future, because it is within these intersections where innovation takes place.

There’s a whole realm within these intersections, waiting to be explored.

Viewing design from a dynamic and human centric prospective will enhancing human communication in the future.

Start designing with our body instead of on our body’s!