About Malou Beemer

Malou Beemer is a Dutch designer, artist and researcher, that reshapes the relation and interaction between us, and our (textile) surroundings. Fascinated by human behaviour and interaction, psychology, movement and the way this translates to nonverbal communication she focuses on working with the body and personal space around it.

Believing in the power of interdisciplinary projects she runs Atelier Mlou in which she collaborates with innovative partners from different backgrounds. She uses a holistic vision to develop meaning- and impactful design solutions. In 2018 she was invited to share her vision on wearable tech, interdisciplinary work and new design approaches at TEDx. Back then, a user-centred approach was fairly new in the field of wearable design. Nowadays, however, Malou is exploring and expanding towards a more-than-user-centered approach to create harmonic and holistic projects.

 In 2021 she was one of the awarded artists for the S+T+ARTS Re-FREAM EU grand that stimulates interdisciplinary collaborations between designers, scientists and technologists. With the grant, Beemer was able to further develop her ideas on wearable tech into adaptive modular garments.

 To keep evolving and stimulate a well-rounded studio, she has an integrative work ethic which translates into working in different fields and on multiple levels. Everything is connected therefore, the diversity in activities creates a symbiosis of analytic and practice-based knowledge.

Projects start from an inquisitive research perspective which translates into three different main directions. Therefore, she is involved in consultancy and coaching, public speaking, art directions and concept development, research on wearable innovation, strategy and education, and costume and creature design.

As of late, her activities have also expanded to moderating and evaluating for art, design and innovation-related events and competitions.

Photographer: Stefan Koopmans