Coherent communication

What is the core of your message and what is the best way to bring this across? This is the starting point from which Malou approaches all of her work. The essence of convincing and believable communication is found in the coherency between your verbal, non-verbal and visual messages.

Non-verbal communication

Often, we are hardly aware of our movements and gestures in our non-verbal communication. We all give unintentional signals about our true feelings and sympathies. To become aware of this and to use this to your advantage is key to becoming a strong communicator.

Body awareness

Malou combines the knowledge of communication techniques with her background in dance. Being aware of your body during interaction with your surroundings, offers a strong fundament for confidence and clear communication.

These skills can be trained in different methods depending on your intentions and goals. This translates in one, or a combination of the following programs;

  • Presentation and public speaking training
  • Body awareness training
  • Communication dynamic training

Interested? Contact Malou, and let’s find out how we can bring out the best in you.