Paper publication in Engineering Proceedings

The paper “Second Skins: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities for Designing Adaptable Garments Using E-Textile” has been published in Engineering Proceedings and is available online. We share our insight on the Re-FREAM Second Skins project with co-writers Christian Dils and Troy Nachtigall.

With special thanks to the supporting team: Sigrid Rotzler, Pauline Stockmann, and Janin-Anne Schulze for the embroidery of the conductive patterns; Kamil Jan Garbacz for developing and programming the hardware modules; Lars Stagun for bonding the modules onto the textile; and Haubenreisser for laser cutting the designs at Fraunhofer IZM Berlin. Thomas Gnahm, Robin Hoske and Max Marwede. Marina Toeters for support and facilities at Fashion Tech Farm Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Julia van Zilt for technical support and (parametric) pattern creation.