Futurity exists out of different Lorels that live on a Mural. A Lorel is a handmade island of pleated fabric. Every Lorel is unique in its shape and one of a kind. Using a magnetic attachment system, the Lorels can be either moved around on the Mural (the canvas, wall object) to create different compositions or taken off the canvas and placed/worn on the body. It creates a symbiosis between Spatial and wearable design. It invites the spectator to interact with the object and explore the different possibilities in relation to the rest of their wardrobe. Why hide your handmade collectable treasures in your closet when you can decorate your interior with these art pieces as well?

By creating dynamic objects in the interior space that can be changeable and partly wearable on the body, we are blurring the lines between different spatial dimensions within the design domain. 

How can we change the narrative of wearable objects being instantly connected to a disposable fashion item into a long-term beneficial relationship between bodily object, wearer and spectator? Fusing new technologies and manufacturing techniques with textile craftsmanship. Creating objects in the space and on the body to investigate the relation between Spatial design, garment design, collectable objects and the values this triggers. Opening the discussion and conversation around; aesthetic expression, art, social dynamics, material use, values towards objects and their relation to sustainability.


During Milan Design Week 2023 the first 3 pieces of the Futurity Local collectable collection is being presented at the Isola Design Gallery.

On the opening day of the gallery, The Royal House of The Netherlands visited the exhibition and Queen Maxima herself paid an interest in the project.